Importance of Professional Headshots and Business Headshots

There ought to be nothing more important to any business or someone trying to promote his/her personal brand than getting a professional and great looking headshot. It symbolizes the face of your business and the first impression potential clients and many more will have of you. An excellent headshot opens doors to new clients and better opportunities. It is the greatest strategy you can ever think of investing in. If your headshots doesn’t capture the attention of others, they’ll never understand your potential and how talented and professional you are because you have an unattractive headshot.

The Science

Studies show that almost 97 percent of most consumers research online before buying any product/service. Can you guess what they’re looking for? They are looking for common things like who actually offers what they want. But another thing they might be looking for (even if it’s subconsciously), is a little proof or information of just what company or person is about and whether they would be the sort of company/person that they’ll want to buy from or deal with.
Whenever a potential customer finds you, Your quality headshot will say a lot of things about your business. First and foremost, is that it shows that you care about and give attention to how your business looked upon. Customers believe that if a business owner cares about their business, they will also have value for their customers.

The Image

A professional headshot can also give your potential clients a feeling of how your business is run. For instance, if your headshot is quite formal and you are dressed up in a formal, business-like manner, this gives a certain expectation to the buyer. If on the other hand, you are wearing something more casual – but nonetheless professional – this will create a different expectation to the buyer. One trick here’s to be sure that your business headshot¬†complements your business. For example, suppose you operate a Legal business (Lawyer) and your professional headshot has you in a suit in your workplace, however when a potential client decides to see you and you are in casual clothes, your potential client will have a significant disconnection with you and you stand the chance of never doing business with them as a result of this.

The Photographer

Whenever choosing a photographer, understand that headshot photography is a lot more unique than a selfie or a family portraits photography. You need to hire a photographer that specializes in headshots. You’d want photos that look natural. If you’re going through a photographer’s website and the photos look overly edited or too attractive then you need to avoid them, as said earlier, you need a natural look.

You don’t just pay a photographer for their capability to make use of expensive cameras that produces quality images. You pay a photographer for the actions and words they tell you in order to evoke those spontaneous, warm expressions which will make you look approachable, friendly, but professional and also showcase your expertise to the fullest.

The best advice you’ll ever need when getting professional headshots is to feel free when taking the pictures. Don’t take it too serious or else you’ll get nervous which will result to your photos looking lifeless and stiff. Just try your best to make sure you are calm and having a great time and you’ll get amazing photos with life filled with your personality.

I look forward to working you with you!

Alec Tremaine